What keeps us busy (sometimes into the small hours)

People Like You Publishing is an international gambling & sports content business. We own and produce gambling & sports content, distribute this to customers and create commercial value from that content and those customers. It sounds simple but the success is in the detail!

We also work directly for other worldwide gambling & sports brands to help them produce content for their own customers.

We believe in having the best people with the right experience in every part of our company. This enables us to excel in the following elements of the publishing process:


At the heart of any publishing business is great content. Whatever we’re creating, from a bespoke sports betting magazine to a short news story about the poker world, the focus is on engaging the reader. We have access to the gambling industries leading team of copywriters, journalists, editors, sub-editors and designers to ensure the content we deliver is as engaging, accurate and as effective as possible, whatever the platform.

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Publishing is no different from other industries where a good product still needs to generate revenues and profit. We have an in-depth understanding of how and where to generate these revenues, and what it takes to turn them into profit.

Monetising content is at the core of our business, from a reader paying for a subscription to a poker magazine, or a gambling brand commissioning us to create content for its customers or earning an affiliate fee from delivering a new customer to a gambling site. Increased revenues from advertising, licensing and revenue shares can be generated once that content has proved its value.

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Managing the blend of the different elements needed to succeed in content publishing is harder than it looks, but it’s something we’ve spent the last 15 years perfecting.

A successful publishing strategy needs to find the right balance between investing in a great product that will sell and commercialising it so that advertisers want to be associated with it. The blend of experience within People Like You Publishing allows us to successfully manage any publishing business, with the confidence to make the key decisions when they’re required.


People Like You Publishing can manage all areas of the production process from conception to delivery, in print or digital. Our relationships with production suppliers and our attention to the finest details have helped us become well trusted by our clients and our customers.


Our publishing, gambling & sports industry experience enables us to confidently consult with clients in the knowledge that, at some point, we’ve been there before. The key for us when consulting is to never forget that a positive customer experience must always be maintained. If you’re not careful it’s easy to get caught up in the detail and forget that you’re producing a product that needs to succeed for the consumer.

Email tim.farthing@plyp.co.uk to talk about how our CONSULTANCY service could benefit your business

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